Business Success: Slow Burn

The definition of success can vary person to person or business to business.

Eight years ago I decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship – with only minimal business management training.  But I was armed with an idea that I thought would work for me and my expertise, so I forged ahead.

Yet I was also a new mom so the time I could dedicate towards growing my business was limited.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to achieve the level of success I had envisioned for my new company.

In addition, I had only ever worked for others, and these organizations and bosses had established my working guidelines, helped define my goals, and rewarded me for ‘success’.

Now I was on my own to generate something successful.

I won’t deny it…the pressure was immense at the start and my fear of failure was great.  But only because I let it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that because I was in charge (yahoo!) I could establish my own definition of success, along with a reasonable and achievable timeline for accomplishing it.

There was no need to rush things.  I wasn’t going to be an overnight success. I would simply work hard; stay dedicated, and let things progress in what I’ve come to term as the slow burn.

I’m proud to say that once I identified the option of a slow burn, I never deviated from it.

To me, slow burn means progressing your business at a pace that works for you. Not racing towards a so-called-state-of-success because someone told you to, or because you felt pressured to.  My guess is rushing won’t help.  It may even backfire.

So don’t rush.  Break down business goals into smaller, easier-to-achieve tasks.  Take small, focused steps towards completing plans.  Some plans may take days and some might take years, and that is ok.  What is right is what works for you. You define your success and you can shape and mould it as you grow.

And guess what.  By fostering small sparks and little flickers, a bigger flame will grow and burn. From a tiny spark can come a mighty flame:

Mighty Flame


I share this insight with EVERY SINGLE new business person that I talk to.  Especially when I see anxiety starting to creep in.

Breathe….step back…’s ok, you’ve got this… slooooow burn.

Just don’t let your spark go out.


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