Even Great Coaches Can Benefit From Coaching

We all have bad days.  Days where things don’t go according to plan or a new challenge pops up.

During these tougher days and unexpected moments of struggle, I’ve found myself floundering for both motivation and support.  I’ve looked around and thought “help!”.

And during these moments of vulnerability I’ve also felt at odds…. because aren’t I the coach who should be helping others; not the other way around?

Yet, even great coaches can benefit from coaching.

For example, the other day I hit the wall, hard.  On top of being burnt out from managing multiple roles I was also faced with an unexpected situation that left me at a loss for how to proceed.

Instead of responding to the situation alone, in a potentially negative way, I reached out to another coach for help.  I realized that I needed a second set of eyes; a removed opinion; and some gentle guidance.

As a coach, I’m regularly called upon here at CareerPreneur Partners to help others, but this time it was MY turn to seek assistance.

The result?  Relief.

The coach provided a new perspective and much-needed problem resolution tips.  The investment in ME saved hours of worry, angst, and uncertainly.

In just 1 phone call, with a professional that I trusted, my problem was eased and my burden lessened.  I was able to move forward in my work, better supporting myself AND others.

From this experience, my appreciation for our CareerPreneur clients has grown even more.  I’m so darn proud of those who have reached out to say ‘help!”.  Strong professionals who recognize the benefit of coaching and who practice what they preach.

You might be a long-standing business owner or seasoned career professional and still face days where you are left at a loss for words…or ideas…or resources.   And when this happens, we are here for you.  Just a phone call away, offering customized solutions and care.

Let’s ease your burden, together.

— Adrienne Tom is a 9X certified career professional who has been offering career services and coaching to clients for the past 10 years at Career Impressions.  She is also the co-founder of CareerPreneur Partners.

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