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Both seasoned career pros, solopreneurs, and mompreneurs….we’ve successfully established and continue to operate our own independent small businesses.  Although our passions are heavily entrenched in the careers industry, setting up any small business involves related challenges.

Over the years, we have been called upon numerous times by a variety of career professionals, new business owners, freelancers from various industries, and many other careerpreneurs to lend a listening ear and answer “how did you get started….?” or “what should I do if….?”.

We have supported professionals with setting up, establishing, and overcoming new business trials and tackling tough day-to-day issues like marketing, social media, website design, pricing, and client communications.  In addition, we have logged hundreds of coaching hours supporting a variety of clientele in our respective businesses as multi-certified practitioners.

We want to offer YOU this same best practice support!   Let’s navigate things together.

Skye Berry-Burke


Working virtually from her home office with  two small children, and numerous pets under foot, Skye Berry-Burke has designed a thriving entrepreneurial business that focuses on working smarter, not harder.

As the founder of Skye Is The Limit Resume and Career Solutions, Skye has captured the marketability of professionals from all over the globe through her award-winning resume writing and job search guidance. Recognizing the amazing support from other colleagues and professionals, Skye remains a very active member of Career Professionals of Canada. It is here that she continues to collaborate, co-create, and network with other like-minded colleagues and professionals.

Following the success of her business, she has acted as a catalyst of support and guidance to friends and colleagues looking to elevate their own entrepreneurial business. From front-end website developers, photographers, resume writers and career coaches, to other work-from-home mothers, you will find Skye eager to help other careerpreneurs navigate the challenges and rewards of business management in order to maximize their time and create the life that fits them.

Now, she is bringing this same level of service and years of entrepreneurial success to you – the careerpreneur  – as the co-founder of CareerPreneur Partners!

Visit Skye’s full list of accomplishments; including awards and publications at: www.Skyeisthelimit.ca

Adrienne Tom


Adrienne Tom is an award-winning career professional, 9X certified practitioner, the founder of Career Impressions, and the co-founder of CareerPreneur Partners!

Over the past 15+ years Adrienne has provided a wide variety of career management support to hundreds of astute business leaders while keeping an active role in the career community – most notably with Career Professionals of Canada – where she continues to connect with and learn from other top industry professionals.

After the birth of her first child, Adrienne decided to forge into the wide world of entrepreneurialism and started her first independent career practice. Fast-forward several years, 2 kids, and the hectic balance of family with a prospering work-from-home business, Adrienne recognizes the need for an ‘on demand’ support system and high-touch help.

Going from fledgling to flourishing, Adrienne has been called upon numerous times over the years to mentor and guide other careerpreneurs through the establishment of their own successful ventures.

Savvy with social media, skilled in branding and communications, and a powerhouse with career management tools, Adrienne has identified working solutions to support a wide variety of business needs that can help get YOUR business growing!

Learn more about Adrienne’s career tools, published work, and media contributions at: www.CareerImpressions.ca.

Connect with Skye and Adrienne by sending an email to info@careerpreneur.ca!