For the New Year: Real, Honest Advice

As a busy mompreneur I’m always on the hunt for productivity tips, life hacks, and real-world inspiration from other successful people.  Yet, what I often locate is refined, packaged advice that makes everyone out there seem so much more WITH it than I am.  Can you relate?! Take for example interviews with successful company owners […]

Resume Design: Why Great Content is No Longer Enough

THE RESUME LANDSCAPE IS ALWAYS EVOLVING Over the years resumes have evolved, rather significantly. Back in the 1930’s, resumes were used as a formality in the job search – if they were required at all. In the 1950’s some of the more professional fields requested a resume that was written using a typewriter.  Many job […]

Even Great Coaches Can Benefit From Coaching

We all have bad days.  Days where things don’t go according to plan or a new challenge pops up. During these tougher days and unexpected moments of struggle, I’ve found myself floundering for both motivation and support.  I’ve looked around and thought “help!”. And during these moments of vulnerability I’ve also felt at odds…. because […]

Read our Business Tips on Forbes!

As a small business owner and independent practitioner you are likely faced with a range of challenges each and every work day. From figuring out how to generate new sales, build your network, innovate your offerings, and balance all of the demands of working for yourself – there is never a dull moment in the […]

Career Pros – How to Successfully Manage Your Career Clients

Here at CareerPreneur Partners, we regularly hear from career professionals who are starting new independent practices and need assistance.  With the start of a new business, come new challenges.  A common theme in our industry is managing clients. We are often asked: “How do I locate the right clients for me?” “Do I need a […]