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Our Approach

Our one-on-one coaching services are designed to let you pick the topic(s).  We provide the advice.

After setting up and running successful and independent practices of our own we know how challenging new business ventures can be.

We have experienced the isolation of working independently and we’ve faced a variety of small business issues first-hand (including balancing busy home lives, children, and entrepreneurialism).

Let us help you overcome your careerpreneur hurdles…and get your business growing in a more productive way!



BrainstormHow Does it Work?

Sometimes you need an answer, fast… or a trusted partner to collaborate with during your planning.  Working alone makes it harder to gather quality insights, quickly.  We are just a phone call away.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time to brainstorm together.  We offer 30, 60, or 90-minute brainstorming sessions over the phone.  Our approach is casual, yet personalized and invested.  We want to help you succeed!

Coaching sessions are comprised of active listening, honest advice, brainstorming, and the identification of well-suited industry resources to help move your business forward.  No boxed sessions; everything is customized for you.

Costs start at $50 for each 30-minute session. Contact us at: to learn more.


Our Coaching Model

Through a journey of self-discovery, we help you to define your values and goals in order to create a map of success. At CareerPreneur Partners, we use the GROW coaching model to guide you along this journey.

The GROW model is a guiding framework that facilitates your journey to success without providing any solid claims to one system or solution. Simply put, it helps define your GOAL, and where you are coming from (your REALITY). Next, together we chart the different routes, tools and OPTIONS available to help you reach your goal. Finally, we mentor you through the steps and actions you need to take to move your WAY FORWARD to successfully achieving your goal.

GROW Model

Hot Topics – Your Burning Issues

Do any of these hot topics resonate with you?  Select from the list below or bring your own burning issue to the table for support:


  • Starting an Independent Practice
  • Pricing Your Business
  • Finding a Target Market
  • Personal and Business Branding
  • Social Media Marketing / Use / Benefits
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Time Management
  • Working from Home
  • Dealing with Tough Clients
  • Networking Ideas
  • Website Development
  • Industry Resources – where to go for what
  • Career Pro Advice (resume; interview; client coaching challenges)
  • Business Logo Creation
  • Resume Writing & Resume Design Support


For comprehensive business training, we invite you to view our Training Programs – designed with you in mind!



Reach out to contact us anytime, with any issue…big or small.  

Never feel alone, overwhelmed, or uncertain again. We will partner with you for YOUR success.

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