What is a Careerpreneur?

Here at CareerPreneur Partners we believe that anyone can be a careerpreneur.

To us, careerpreneurs are passionate professionals from all industries who “proactively manage their career like an entrepreneur to make things happen” .  Often, but not always, careerpreneurs work for themselves as solopreneurs, mompreneurs, dadpreneurs, freelancers, and independent career pros!

These are the types of careerpreneurs that we partner with!


If you are an independent career professional (resume writer, career coach, interview coach, or LinkedIn strategist)…we know your business very well! 

We started our own career practitioner ventures from scratch, growing from fledgling start-ups to flourishing career services.  Over the years we have connected, engaged, and collaborated with hundreds of career professionals throughout Canada and the United States…and mentored dozens of savvy career pros on day-to-day business challenges.

We remain active members of the careers community, honing our skills to support job seekers with their career management plans, while collaborating closely with our career colleagues.  If you are seeking advice on getting your career practice up and running – this is where we shine.


If you are an entrepreneur…we can relate!

Everything from how to: create a business plan, register a business, define a target market, develop a website, price services, use social media, brand your business, attract ‘right-fit’ clients, deliver stellar customer service, draw up agreements, manage staff, book-keep, and more.

People are always asking us “how did you start?”….”what should I do if?”….”can you recommend a strategy for ___?“.  And we sure can!


If you are a mompreneur…so are we!  Balancing the demands of a growing family with a growing business is something we have experienced first-hand and continue to manage daily.  We started our companies while expanding our families.  Juggling ‘work-from-home, kids-under-foot, client-and-business-issues’ is our thing!  We can confidently help you too.

We know what it takes to start, run, and manage a successful business in tandem with family/home stresses because we are doing it… every single day.


Finally, if you are an employed savvy professional, seeking career management tools or job search advice….we have just what you need!   Not all careerpreneurs work for themselves; many ‘own’ their careers in demanding and rewarding industry roles.

If you need resources to launch a job search or better manage your career path – we offer these services in our other respective businesses:  www.SkyeistheLimit.ca and www.CareerImpressions.ca . Visit us there to learn more.


Get CareerPreneur Partners in Your Corner for Career & Business Success!

If you can relate to any (or even all) of the above – we want you to know you are not alone. Over the years we noticed many independent careerpreneurs have the passion to launch a business, but often find themselves isolated and just plain stumped on certain issues. It’s natural.

When issues crop up you need answers fast …and searching the internet can be overwhelming.

Our goal is to provide careerpreneurs with convenient, confidential, and caring advice and guidance to increase productivity.



Write us if you need:

  • A listening ear…a helping hand….a person to bounce an idea off of.
  • If you are stumped on a client issue….struggling to raise the value of your business….overwhelmed with a tough task.
  • Looking to forge new connections in the careers community….needing direction towards top resources…. or wanting advice on getting started on your own.

We are here to help: info@careerpreneur.ca



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