Looking to take your resume design from basic to bold?!

Unsure where to start or how to apply simple design components to elevate your writing?

Feeling stuck with your resume design work?


Resume Design: Secrets to Success

Over 1-hour of award-winning resume design ‘secrets’!  This video tutorial will walk you through the application of basic to advanced design strategies…all from the comfort of your home.

It’s like having a resume expert give you personal step by step instructions on how to build up your resume designs.

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What’s Included In This Special Offer:

Our Resume Design: Secrets to Success tutorial contains everything you need to improve your resume writing design and generate compelling resume creations for your clients:

  1. Secrets from two award-winning, master-level resume writers.  Adrienne Tom and Skye Berry-Burke have acquired over 25 national and international resume writing awards between them and have multiple master-level resume certifications.
  2. Methods to take your resumes from basic to bold, applying simple, strategic steps using tools you already have access to (plus more).
  3. Resume samples that overview the application of various design components. See how small, strategic steps can be used together to create award-winning resume creations.
  4. Video demonstrations that walk you through the location and application of basic to advanced resume design features in Microsoft Word. The 1-hour video is housed online for easy, instant access (no large files to download).
  5. Resources, tools, and ideas for more advanced resume designers.
  6. A 10-page reference guide which details all secrets, along with additional design ideas and resources.


Learn How To:

  • Elevate your resume design with simple, strategic steps.
  • Create compelling modern career tools for your clients.
  • Master resume design ‘secrets’, using tools you already have.
  • Take your resumes from basic to bold!

Strategies Include:

  • Creative Shading and Line Borders
  • Picture Insert and Manipulation
  • Boxes and SmartArt
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Custom Creations…and so much more!


Invest in your resume writing! Elevate your resumes! On Sale: half price: $39

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