What People Are Saying


What Careerpreneurs are Saying About Us

It has been a pleasure engaging with so many unique and accomplished professionals and business owners from across Canada and the USA.  Click on the company names below to learn more about the amazing successes of careerpreneurs that we have partnered with in our community!


Kamee Gilmore, Owner of Paradigm Resume Services:

“A Resume Strategist eager to “step up” my game, I enlisted the help of Adrienne and Skye, co-founders of CareerPreneur Partners, to help get me there. I have to say: investing in CareerPreneur Partners was one of the absolute best investments I could have made for myself and my business!

The well structured “Resume Writing Success” course, developed and designed by Adrienne and Skye, covered a variety of topics and was presented in segments, making the information straightforward, simple to understand, and easy to implement.

Professional, passionate, perceptive – Adrienne Tom delivers gold star service and support. Adrienne’s direct one-one coaching, interactive training, and individualized feedback refined my client intake process, strengthened my design and writing abilities, and elevated my confidence — both as a writer and as a business owner.

Through working with Skye, I have directly experienced the incredible value of her services; with her guidance and support, my own skills, knowledge, and confidence have expanded significantly, all of which have, without a doubt, impacted my own growth and success –personally and professionally. Skye is a rare gem, I truly appreciate her infectious enthusiasm, knowledgeable guidance, and continuous support.”


Lise Stransky, Certified Career Development Practitioner/Owner/ Senior Career Advisor at Careers That Work for You:

“I have been working in the field of career advising and development for over a decade. I’ve been able to help hundreds of people change careers, choose careers, switch jobs, identify their and skills and build their confidence when it comes to career decisions. When I made my own career change, joining the field of entrepreneurialism as the founder of Careers That Work For You, I found my confidence waning. I was in uncharted territory, trying to manage accounting, business development, marketing, time, contracts, motivation, social media, writing, and of course, provide career advising to my clients.

When you work in an office, you can wander down the hall to ask for advice from a trusted coworker. When you work for yourself as an entrepreneur, you often don’t have that resource. Until now.

Adrienne and Skye have been those “co-workers down the hall” for me.

I have benefited greatly from the advice and support they have given me. There are loads of resources in the community and online for entrepreneurs; however, sometimes you want to ask a question that is on your mind RIGHT NOW, without having to sit through a two-day workshop or wade through online material. Adrienne and Skye have done that for me, countless times.  Because they have built their own successful businesses, developed best practices, learned from good decisions and bad decisions, they have years of sage wisdom and insight. They don’t answer a question – they take the time to dig deeper, find out more, ask thoughtful, clarifying questions, before sharing their own best practices and resources.

I am so fortunate to know these professionals and continue to learn and grow as a result of their assistance. I recommend them for anyone who “just has a few questions” or is looking for solid, practical and realistic entrepreneurial advising.”


Conny Lee, Career & Life Coach at Conny Lee Career Services.

“I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Skye, as well, she designed my logo for me. Skye is incredibly creative, knowledgeable and talented at what she does. She gave me action steps and encouragement when I was in the planning stages of my business. She cares for her clients and delivers exceptional customer service.”


Brandi Jittjumnongk, People Developer/Career Coach/ Founder at GRIT Career Coaching:

“Adrienne Tom is a person who continually serves not only her clients but others in the industry. She has personally coached me which has made me a better Human Resources professional. Adrienne’s grace and kindness to help uplift others is something that I will truly be paying forward. I am honored to be in the same industry as Adrienne.”


Kate Hillier,  Independent Front-End Web Developer:

Stand your ground – I feel this might be the biggest business lesson (amongst several) that Skye Berry-Burke has instilled in me.  This is important advice because it transcends to several aspects of running a sole proprietary business.  She’s taught me to stand my ground on price.  Knowing my worth and that my work does merit the value that I assign to it.  If I do something for less I now indicate it as a discount on my invoices, always maintaining the full value of my services.  Knowing what clients to work with and standing my ground when I recognize that a partnership is not the right one.  Whether it be client based or project based – when I recognize that it is not the right fit, having the confidence to part ways.  It makes little sense to work with someone on a different page or to have my name beside a product that doesn’t reflect my business.  There is always business out there to be had, choose the projects that suit your business best.

Most recently Skye has said it to me again with regards to payment: don’t allow yourself to be used or taken advantage of.  Make no exception, if payment has not been received in the timeline agreed, then the work stops – and it’s OK to say so!  Be confident in yourself, believe in your work, know that you’re worth the price, and stand your ground.”


Christina Turner, Owner at Elm Tree Live Learning:

“Adrienne gave me the confidence I needed to start my small business.  She was not only encouraging and honest, but also had some very practical advice.  Adrienne was able to guide me through the process of starting a business, and was incredibly knowledgeable when it came to marketing and creating a brand.  She helped me recognize how I stand out in a highly competitive industry, and mostly, she motivated me by giving me solid advice to keep working and when to grow.  Thank you Adrienne for all of your encouragement!”


Sharon Graham, Executive Director of Career Professionals of Canada:

“As the Executive Director of Career Professionals of Canada (CPC), I am delighted to endorse Adrienne Tom and Skye Berry-Burke for their exceptional work in leading and mentoring entrepreneurial practitioners. Both are active leaders and volunteers with CPC, where they provide excellent support to a variety of career entrepreneurs across Canada.

Over the years, Adrienne and Skye have shared best practices in a variety of CPC events and programs including Mastermind Groups, Telenetworking Sessions, and the annual CPC Career Pro Conference.  In addition, they continue to support CPC’s certification program evaluating the work of practitioners as Assessors.

As an advocate for community, commitment, and quality in our field, I am so pleased with Adrienne and Skye’s ongoing efforts to engage careerpreneurs across Canada and introduce them to the benefits of Career Professionals of Canada.  We welcome all career practitioners to join the association and build credentials, gain contacts, and increase credibility.”


Stephen Landry, Career Counsellor and Career Mentor:

“Adrienne Tom is consistent in her branding messages, and her knowledge of local labour markets and career counselling advice is impressive. She has proven to be extremely helpful to me, in navigating and building my own brand on social media. She is supportive, available for advice, and extremely approachable and wise.”


Pam Janssen, Business Owner (at former Run-Around Pam):

“It is my pleasure to provide an endorsement for Skye Berry-Burke. It was years ago that she helped me put together my business plan and since that time her skills and knowledge have only grown stronger. Skye was an instrumental resource when I was putting together my business for a home-based errand service. She was with me every step of the way, from designing my logo and brochures to helping me write contracts and business agreements, to seeking proper insurance and business license requirements. Skye even helped me put together a pricing scale that I was comfortable selling and walked me through how to market my business in the community. The business was a great success and everyone in the community from seniors to working mothers took advantage of the service I was offering. I have since closed Run-Around Pam, but this is only because Skye coached me through the interview process to land the job of my dreams. If you are looking for a listening ear and great support to get your business idea off the ground, Skye is your girl.”


Jennifer Miller, Owner of Professional Edge Resumes:

“I’ve approached Adrienne for advice many times since launching my business, asking her advice on everything from handling specific client challenges to pursuing new professional credentials.  Her input has been reassuring and has helped me make crucial business decisions.  I value Adrienne’s opinion on business and balancing entrepreneurship with everyday life.”


Charmaine Johnson, Career Counsellor at SavvyMinds @Work:

“I’ve been a career professional at a college for over 10 years and I also offer private career counselling services to people struggling to manage their career & life circumstances.  The majority of my private clients have come to me via word of mouth and when I recently decided to finally start to actively promote my services, I was lost.  Having become acquainted with Skye and Adrienne through the CPC Mastermind group, I have found them to be a wealth of information and great resource for not only career related information but also business best practices.  Careerpreneur.ca is just the kind of service all entrepreneurs need.  While you may be an expert in whatever product or service you offer, Careerpreneur.ca can offer the support you need to plan and manage your business and help keep you focused and motivated.  Thanks Skye and Adrienne – your advice and insight has been invaluable!”


Lori Jazvac, Owner/Career Consultant at Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes:

“As a career practitioner, I have been participating in CPC’s events since 2013. Skye and Adrienne excel at facilitating live chats and tele-networking sessions. They passionately contribute to the success of organizing the  CareerPro Conference and other innovative initiatives. This past year, I had the opportunity to participate in a Mastermind Mentoring group where Skye shared her creative business practices  and valuable expertise. I commend them both on continuing to support and inspire entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve greater success.”


Christine Cristiano, Certified Career Strategist/Career Coach at Ideal Resume and Career Coaching Services:

“I have had the pleasure of connecting with Adrienne Tom and Skye Berry-Burke through their work with Career Professionals of Canada. As an independent Certified Career Strategist, Career Coach and Resume Writer specializing in mid-career professionals in a career transition, I take comfort in knowing if I need some pro advice on business matters or an informed how-to suggestion for my career services, Adrienne and Skype have the experience and expertise to provide me with solid recommendations derived from their years of experience and expertise. Both Adrienne and Skye are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful and are definitely ‘influencers’ within the career industry. I would highly recommend their services to all entrepreneurs striving to grow your business. “